Jim Fitzpatrick T-Shirt - Out Of My Tree Tee

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Jim Fitzpatrick T-Shirt.

Self-taught Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick became internationally renowned without any formal education or training. Jim has created a large body of work throughout his career, from album art to Irish Celtic Art. Fitzpatrick's two-toned portrait of revolutionary leader Che Guevara is perhaps the artist's most iconic work, but his work creating art for Thin Lizzy album sleeves guaranteed his place in rock history.

This Worn Free Tee is custom made from super soft washed cotton. So comfy it will be an instant favorite in your T-Shirt rotation. Worn Free reproduces classic vintage style 'fully licensed' tees, in this case a reissue of a vintage Jim Fitzpatrick Thin Lizzy Tee Shirt. 

Each tee comes with a special backstage pass style hang tag showing a picture of the Jim Fitzpatrick design used on this Out Of My Tree tee shirt.