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Keith Moon, best known as the drummer for The Who, built a name for himself in the music world with his animated and inventive drumming technique. Off the stage, Moon was notorious for his destructive tendencies and his eccentric behavior sparked nicknames like "Moon the Loon" and "Mad Moon". Keith Moon's life was tragically short, but his talent earned him the honor of being named one of the best drummers of all time.

Moon's early influences were jazz, surf music and R&B. His idols included Gene Krupa, D J Fontana (Elvis Presley's original drummer), Tony Meehan (Shadows) and Viv Prince (the Pretty Things). He also enjoyed singing, and loved Motown and idolised the Beach Boys. Unlike drummers such as Ginger Baker & John Bonham, Keith Moon hated drum solos and refused to play them in concerts. Check out our T-Shirts collection as worn by the Who drum legend Keith Moon.