Yoko Ono T-Shirt - Voulez-vous Tee worn by Yoko Ono

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Yoko seen here wearing a "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?"  

Yoko Ono is a woman of many talents an artist, actress, musician, singer, songwriter and has been a political activist for peace and human rights since the 60s’."Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?" is one of best known French phrases in the English language and probably best know as a lyric from the song Lady Marmalade

Yoko Ono found notoriety as John Lennon's wife, but her career as an artist, musician, and peace activist stands on its own. Ono has been a big figure in the avant-garde arts, as a filmmaker, artist and musician. Still, you can’t think about Yoko Ono without a nod to John Lennon and the legacy they created together.

Worn Free Tees are custom made from super soft washed cotton giving them a great vintage feel, so comfy this tee will be an instant favorite in your T-Shirt rotation. 

Worn Free reproduces classic vintage style 'fully licensed' tees, in this case as worn by Yoko Ono.

Each tee comes with a special backstage pass style hang tag picture of Yoko wearing this Voulez-vous tee shirt.