Miles Davis T-Shirt - If They Act Too Hip Tee

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This wisdom laid out by Miles was captured in a book called Miles on Miles* The interview went a lot like this: 
Musician: Is that your phone ringing? 
Miles: I don’t answer the phone. I never answer the phone. 
Musician: You’ve taken some flak in the past for hiring white musicians. Is it the same now? 
Miles: Just a few musicians who can’t play ask me why do I hire this guy and this guy and he’s white? I say he’s white but he can play, just listen to him. What difference does it make what color he is, he’s black. 
Musician: What do you look for in a person to play with you? 
Miles: His carriage…first. His carriage of the instrument. You can tell whether he plays or not by the way he carries the instrument, whether it means something to him or not. Then the way they talk and act. If they act too hip you know they can’t play shit. So you don’t bother with them. 

Worn Free Tees are custom made from super soft washed cotton giving them a great vintage feel, so comfy this tee will be an instant favorite in your T-Shirt rotation. 

Worn Free reproduces classic vintage style 'fully licensed' tees, in this case as inspired by jazz giant Miles Davis.  

* Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis by Paul Maher & Michael K. Dorr.