Worn Free T-Shirt - Tikal Temple Tee

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Tikal Temple T-Shirt. Tikal Temple One T-Shirt as featured on Globe Trekker's Tough Trucks presenter Zay. 

Found in Peten province of Guatemala and Known as the Temple of the Jaguar (Temple One) is Tikal’s finest monument, with its nine tiers representing the nine levels of the Mayan underworld, raising to an imposing 37 metres above the spacious plaza below. Temple One was built in around 732 AD and signified a break from the traditional funerary building within the adjacent North Acropolis.

Worn Free Tees are custom made from super soft washed cotton and poly cotton blends, giving them a great vintage feel, so comfy this tee will be an instant favorite in your T-Shirt rotation. (Black & White tees are 100% cotton the Heather tee is a Polyester / Cotton blend).