Rick Griffin T-Shirt - Huichol Indian Tee

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Rick Griffin T-Shirt Collection. Huichol Indian Tee. 

Rick Griffin Psychedelic renegade created some of the most jaw dropping music posters in the late 60s for Family Dog as well as penning the logo for Rolling Stone magazine. Rick's work has woven itself deeply into California culture from  surf, psychedelia, music, weed and underground comics. He is probably best know for his artwork for the Grateful Dead. On top of all this Rick also created some beautiful and spiritual fine art pieces.

Our Rick Griffin collection of T-Shirts will be forever growing thanks to sheer volume of his work. 

This Worn Free Tee is custom made from super soft washed cotton. So comfy it will be an instant favorite in your T-Shirt rotation. Worn Free reproduces classic vintage style 'fully licensed' tees.