Billy Preston T-Shirt - Billy at 58 Tee

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This Billy Preston T-Shirt is part of a series of T-shirts commemorating what would have been Billy Preston's 70th Birthday (September 2nd 2016).

Preston Music Group Inc commissioned the very talented Rodney Jackson to create this series of illustrations of Billy, this is the fifth in the series and depicts Billy Preston at 58 Years old.

In early 2004, Preston toured in Europe with the Funk Brothers and Steve Winwood, and then with his friend Eric Clapton in Europe and North America. Preston performed as a jazz organist on the song "Here We Go Again" with Ray Charles and Norah Jones on Charles' Genius Loves Company album.

Preston appeared on the American Idol's fourth season finale in 2005. He played the piano during a performance of "With You I'm Born Again" with Vonzell Solomon, who finished in third place. He also recorded "Go Where No One's Gone Before," the title song for the anime series L/R: Licensed by Royalty.

Preston played clavinet on the song "Warlocks" for the Red Hot Chili Peppers album Stadium Arcadium that was released in 2006. Despite his failing health, he jumped out of his bed after hearing a tape of the song, recorded his segment and went back to bed. Preston also provided organ work for the Neil Diamond album 12 Songs and keyboard work for The Road to Escondido by Eric Clapton and J. J. Cale.

Preston passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 6, 2006. He left behind a musical legacy that inspired jazz great Miles Davis to honor him with a track titled “Billy Preston” on his 1974 Get Up With It album. Stephen Stills once asked if he could use Preston's phrase, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with," to write what would later become a hit song. Preston was one of two musicians ever to be credited on a Beatles’ recording. The artists on the track “Get Back” were listed as The Beatles with Billy Preston.


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