January 27, 2016 1 min read

We were asked to provide some t-shirts for the movie Argo by a superstar costume designer Jacqueline West. Obviously we jumped at the chance it's always great when one of our tees ends up in a Movie and in this case an Oscar winner to boot. Jacquie gave the shirts to Ben Affleck to try on for the film and apparently he loved them so much he took them all home. During the filming he was spotted out and about in a few different Worn Free Tees including this Muhammed Ali sting like a bee Tee-Shirt.

We figured we might not make it into the movie but having Ben Affleck a fan of the brand isn't too shabby. Then out of the blue we get a call from his assistant asking us if we can make tees for the cast and crew as part of the thank you gifts from Ben! So of course we created a limited run of shirts especially for the movie featuring some poster artwork that appears in the film. There were only 400 made so if you ever come across one at a yard sale or for sale online snap it up!

It turned out that our Muhammad Ali tee became Ben's lucky shirt on set and he would get it washed every evening and wear it every day of shooting and if you look closely when watching Argo you can see him dashing around in a leather jacket with this t-shirt underneath. 

So if there was an Oscars for T-Shirts this one would definitely be a winner!