Rodney Bingenheimer T-Shirt - GTO Tee

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GTO muscle car T-Shirt worn by Rodney Bingenheimer. GTO car t-shirt featuring the slogan 'Mess with the Best' and back print 'Loose like the rest'. 

Rodney Bingenheimer has been involved in the LA music scene since the 1960s as a publicist, DJ and friend to the stars. Rodney helped artists like The Beach Boys, Nancy Sinatra, The Beatles, The Rollingstones, David Bowie, The Faces, Rod Stewart, Sonny and Cher,  The Ramones, Blondie, Duran Duran and many many more.

Rodney was a radio pioneer and his KROQ show which is still going strong has been breaking bands since 1976 literally from Bowie to Oasis. The documentary about Rodney "The mayor of Sunset Strip" was the second biggest grossing documentary of all time when it was released the film delves into many aspect of Rodney's life,  including the Infamous club Rodney's English Disco which included patrons like Len Zeppelin, The Who, Iggy Pop and even the king of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley. 

Rodney bought this shirt at Kensington market in London when he was over there helping promote The Faces. Rodney even stood in for Ronnie Lane on a recording of Top of The Pops.

Worn Free Tees are custom made from super soft washed cotton giving them a great vintage feel, so comfy this tee will be an instant favorite in your T-Shirt rotation. 

Worn Free reproduces classic vintage style 'fully licensed' tees, in this case inspired by Rodney Bingenheimer.

Each T-Shirt comes with a back stage style hang tag with a picture of Rodney wearing this GTO Tee.