Debbie Harry Vultures Baseball T-Shirt Sample

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Debbie Harry baseball T-shirt. 4 available 2 small 2 medium unisex baseball style tops. 

Blondie T-Shirt, vintage tee shirt worn by Debbie Harry. Style Icon, Sex Symbol, Punk Goddess but before she was the face of the super group Blondie, Debbie Harry wore many hats. She was a cocktail waitress, secretary, Playboy bunny, Warhol muse, back-up singer and actress. Debbie gained entry into the music world as a back up singer for the folk band, Wind in the Willows. Her next stop was with the Stilettos, where she met Chris Stein and the seeds of Blondie were planted. She is still lead singer of Blondie and still rocking more that 40 years later.  

Debbie is photographed here by Chris Stein in 1977 wearing the famous Vultures Tee.