1. Q. Where do you ship?
A. We ship to all regions of the world. We use two primary carriers, USPS and UPS.  You will have a choice of either at checkout.

2. Q. Do you  provide a tracking number?
A. All orders will have a tracking number.  You will be e-mailed the tracking number once the product ships.

3. Q. Can I request an order to have expedited shipping?
A. You may pay extra for priority shipping by emailing customerservice@wornfree.com. We have to get your credit card info or pay pal info from you to process it. Also, the print 'on demand' process takes 7-10 business days so it will be AT LEAST one week before your tee is shipped out.

4. Q. My order status says 'processing'. What does that mean? Is there something wrong with my credit card?
A. Your tee is being printed on demand. The turnaround time is 7-10 business days. When your order has been sent out, the status will be changed to 'shipped'.

5. Q. Are all your tees on American Apparel blanks? How come my old ones are different?
A. Our on demand tees are printed on American Apparel blanks because it is allows us to provide you with the most variety in color and styles at a reasonable price. The old tees are from our classic stock which were printed from a different manufacturer so your order may have tees that include both types.

6. Q. Do you have a retail store?
A. We currently do not have a retail store. We sell only through our website. We do however sell to many boutiques and other retail stores where you can purchase our product. Email us at customerservice@wornfree.com and we will let you know if there is a retailer in your area.

7. Q. Can I request to have a specific tee made of an artist I like?
A. Worn Free holds licenses for specific artists so we cannot print any design for you without a legally binding contract with them. We DO take suggestions though so feel free to contact us- You never know!

8. Q. I think my package has been lost. What should I do?
A. If you are outside of the USA, it is very hard to track your package because of customs. Please email us if you have a concern. The usual time is 7 business days (Monday - Friday) AFTER your tee status has been changed from 'processing' to 'shipped'. For international orders- It can take especially long to destinations specifically in Brazil, Chile, Italy, Netherlands and Canada. Also, please double check your address before submitting your order. If you have auto fill on your computer, it sometimes does not input all of your address information and this can cause major delays to shipping outside of the USA.