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On the Wall of Fame we will have collection of images sent in by our customers showing them or a family member wearing a cool t-shirt from their past. We will review all images sent to us and if selected the t-shirt will be reproduced and sold here on the site.  For every t-shirt sold we will donate up to 20% of the proceeds to the charity nominated by the sender. We will also produce two free tees for you or your family to wear again.

And lets not forget you will also have the bragging rights that your image has been immortalized on a Worn Free hangtag alongside icons like John Lennon, Miles Davis, Debbie Harry and Frank Zappa.

If you are interested in submitting please send in photos to 

Please nominate your charity when you submit your picture. All images received will appear on an online gallery and if your shirt is selected to be reproduced we will contact you to finalize the deal and give you all the details. We can't wait for your submissions so don't be shy - send them now!