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Marvin Gaye T-Shirts. Here is a collection of licensed t-shirt graphics featuring Marvin Gaye. Enjoy our Marvin Gaye Photo T-Shirts and Marvin Gaye Lyric T-Shirts too. We are also proud to have a Marvin Gaye lyrical portrait T-Shirt by Worn Free artist James Purton. More smooth soul t-shirts coming soon. 

The career of legendary soul singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye spanned three decades as he effortlessly blended the sacred and the sensual, messages of protest with R&B, Gospel and Pop sounds interwoven in a way that set the stage for nearly every genre of music to come.

Drawing on the rich and very personal traditions within the churches of the American South, where he first learned to sing and play the organ, Gaye later became known as the 'Prince of Soul' over a 26 year career as a premier vocalist, composer, producer and performer, that tracked and set the spirit of the times, transcending decades, through his often controversial musical statements.

He was the most successful and celebrated solo artist on the Motown roster, his dominance of the charts included irresistible pop songs, politically engaged commentary and sensual anthems of love. His career moved skillfully from the pop music of the 60's to the politically-charged compositions of the early 70's and finally on to entirely different messages of the sensual, sultry and sexual songs such as "Let's Get It On", "I Want You" and his two-time Grammy award winning, "Sexual Healing.” His album, “What's Going On,” is regarded as one of the greatest albums of the 20th century and paved the way for many artists to express their own socio-political feelings.

In his lifetime, he gave us enough brilliance to span generations to come. The relevance of his ideology concerning our world today is undeniable.

 Personality rights of Marvin Gaye are used with permission of The Estate of Marvin Gaye. Represented exclusively by GreenLight. Official licensed merchandise.