Dee Dee Ramone and a 13-Year Old Anthony Kiedis Wearing The Same Detroit Shirt

November 11, 2016 1 min read

Original Story posted on November 11, 2016 by Raul Rossell via

Check out this backstage photo of punk rock legend Dee Dee Ramone sporting what looks like a bootleg Detroit Wings (Not RED WINGS) shirt circa 1979.

Then I came across this photo taken 3 years earlier of a 13-year old Michigan native and future lead-singer of Red Hot Chili PeppersAnthony Kiedis and his dad actor Blackie Dammett (circa 1976) rocking the exact same Detroit shirt.

What a trip!!! This has to be one of the most random same photo coincidences of a rock star and future rock star wearing the same shirt.  Detroit natives and Ramones & Chili Peppers fans alike can now pick up their own DETROIT shirt complete with Dee Dee Ramone backstage pass sticker by clicking the shirt or link below.