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John van Hamersveld recalls ‘The Skull Tongue started with a trademark I was drawing for the Grateful Dead manager "Rock Skully" in the early 70s, then Warner Brothers wanted an ad for the Deads new single for the trades. I hook-up the the skull onto the body of what is the new PINNACLE trademark now as “Truckin’,” “Casey Jones,” drawing’.

The Skull Tongue image is hooked up to the Skeletons From The Closet album cover with the skelton giving the "FINGER" to go with the song... Read More
  • John Van Hamersveld - Skull Tongue T-Shirt Womens
Worn Free John Van Hamersveld T-shirts are fully licensed, endorsed and made from the softest, prewashed and shrunk cotton jersey. We faithfully reproduce the original articles as tracked down by Worn Free from archive images.

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