--Ali Robes are $25 off until December 1st! Get them now for $125. Ship date is Dec 10th.

-- The Muhammad Ali Robe was in Jen’s List – a daily newsletter that goes out to over 16,000 people in the Los Angeles area each morning. What’s great about Jen’s List is that her list is available online on her website, as well as the email newsletter, and it’s an opt-in mailing. You don’t get it unless you sign up for it. Her readership includes a lot of wealthy families in the Los Angeles area – from stay at home moms and dads to studio execs to local business owners.

Jens twitter is- @jenslist

The link is below – Worn Free is posted about halfway down the list.




-- The editor at Splash Magazines liked the Ali Robe so much that he gave us a stand-alone post in Fashion & Style!

Here’s the post -



-- Doghouse Boxing’s mention (see below). Oddly enough, Bob.org is a search site for Bob Marley merchandise news!



Muhammad Ali partners with Worn Free - Exclusive Limited Edition - Doghouse B...

3 Nov 2011 at 12:47am

Muhammad Ali partners with Worn Free - Exclusive Limited Edition
Doghouse Boxing
Ali is part of an exclusive catalogue, which also includes Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, and Bob Marley to name a few. The limited edition Muhammad Ali luxury velour robe is available now at www.wornfree.com. All Worn Free Muhammad Ali merchandise is fully ...

-- Also, Desmick Perkins, who is the Editor in Chief of Crunk Magazine has been posting the robe on Facebook and doing a giveaway of a Worn Free Muhammad Ali T. This is being posted on both his Facebook fan page, and the fan page for the magazine When they relaunch the magazine website, it should be featured there as well.