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Johnny Thunders, born John Genzale on July 15, 1952, and grew up in Queens, NY. He began performing music in high school Under the name "Johnny Volume", with "Johnny and the Jaywalkers"; after leaving that band, he joined "Actress", which featured future Dolls Arthur "Killer" Kane and Billy Murcia. "Actress" became the New York Dolls in 1971 and Genzale renamed himself Johnny Thunders. After the Dolls He formed The Heartbreakers with Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan, ex-Demons guitarist Walter Lure and Television bassist Richard Hell. With Johnny Thunders leading the band,... Read More
  • Johnny Thunders - Skull & Bones T-Shirt
Worn Free Johnny Thunders T-shirts are fully licensed, endorsed and made from the softest, prewashed and shrunk cotton jersey. We faithfully reproduce the original articles as tracked down by Worn Free from archive images.

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